Innovating Solutions

Working with our partners to connect science with industry and policy, we are designing and testing innovations to reduce plastic leakage and build a circular economy for plastics in the Eastern Pacific region. 

What do innovative solutions look like?

Cleaning up our rivers


The Azure system is an enhanced barrier designed for deployment in rivers to prevent plastic waste from reaching marine environments. It can collect up to 80 tonnes of plastic per day from any river. Considering its collection capacity and the value of the upcycled plastic, Azure is a commercially-feasible solution that allows the deployment of new recycling technologies in low income areas across developing economies and provides a return of investment within three years.

Developing locally sustainable alternatives to plastic


Materiom provides open source recipes and data on materials made from abundant sources of natural ingredients, like agricultural waste. By making this knowledge open, we accelerate materials development and lower barriers to entry in materials markets around the world. We work with companies, cities and communities to support the development of local biomaterial supply chains that nourish local ecologies and economies.

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